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This Autumn, Planet Super League will be launching a 5-week national climate action competition featuring more than 70 football clubs and hundreds of schools all over the nation.

This competition is THE place to get your school taking climate action and having some fun.

Children, staff and the school community score green goals for your school (and their favourite football club) by doing things that are good for the planet, and there are prizes up for grabs!

Will YOUR school top the national league table and lift the coveted trophy?!

Oh, and we can also provide some free classroom resources to help with teaching about sustainability in a fun and friendly way.

GET INVOLVED TODAY FOR FREE! Kick off this Autumn, final dates to be confirmed imminently.

How it works

Join (schools)
Sign your school up, by clicking the link above and giving us your school name and email address.
Take action (schools)
Score green goals by completing a range of activities in the classroom and at home
Make a difference (schools)
Score goals and track your school's impact on the planet
Win prizes (schools)
Win prizes for all the impact you have made, individually and collectively
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Sign up

Sign your school up now and play at your own pace.

  • Complete activities to score goals
  • Empower your students to take climate action
  • Educate through our fun, free resources
  • Save energy and water
  • Squash your school's carbon footprint
  • Get out into nature
  • Learn about the natural world

Score goals each time you complete an activity and climb the league table!

Get inspired

Why take part?

school - crop circle


Tackle climate change in a fun, engaging and competitive way. Compete against teachers, classes & classmates all year round. Compete against other schools during our national events!
coys-reading - EDUCATIONAL - circle


Children learn about the small actions they can take that make a difference. Our free classroom activities help frame learning about climate change and action in a fun and engaging way.
impactful crop test


Make a difference to the planet through small, everyday behaviours - in school and at home. See the difference you are making as an individual and as a collective!

Get the Classroom Activity Pack

school litter

Key Stage 1 Pack

Fun and educational lessons for KS1 plus assembly content, posters, social media assets and parents' letter templates
school kid 2

Key Stage 2 Pack

Fun and educational lessons for KS2 plus assembly content, posters, social media assets and parents' letter templates
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Key Stage 3 Pack

Fun and educational lessons for KS3 plus assembly content, posters, social media assets and parents' letter templates

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